Lisa and Andy’s Wedding at the John Wright Restaurant

Lisa and Andy are the type of people who have never met a stranger. I can easily imagine meeting them on a beach somewhere on vacation and becoming fast friends! We bonded over our mutual love of Tattered Flag Brewery in Middletown and even met there to make timeline planning extra fun! 😉

Their wedding day dawned bright, beautiful, and WINDY. I think it topped out at almost 40mph that day! I have to give major kudos to Lindsey Krizan, Lisa’s awesome hairstylist, for creating an updo that held up through the crazy wind! Lindsey is also one of my very first clients and referred me to Lisa and Andy for their wedding. I can’t thank her and her family enough for their support through the past few years!

Lisa and Andy chose March 3 because it was their 18th dating anniversary which I LOVE because A.) that’s adorable and B.) that’s how long Mike and I have been together too! The dawn of the millennium was a great time for love, ya’ll! Their ceremony was so heartfelt and lovely! Their officiant asked their friends and family if anyone had any marriage advice and the answers made me (and everyone else) tear up hard. Everyone was so excited for them and so happy to watch them tie the knot!

Venue and Catering: The John Wright Restaurant

Makeup Artist: Jordan of Tres Chic Hair Designs & Day Spa

Hairstylist: Lindsey of Tres Chic Hair Designs & Day Spa

Cake: Lisa’s very talented niece, Kayla

Cookies: Lisa’s friend, Karen, who is an absolute goddess of baked goods

Band: Duane Slaymaker 


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