Choosing Your Getting Ready Space

There are so many decisions to make on your wedding day and one of them is where to have you and your bridal party get ready. Whether it be at the venue’s getting ready area, your childhood home, or a local hotel or BnB, there are a few things to look for to maximize the WOW factor in your getting ready photos. 

Plenty of Windows


Allowing more natural light into the room will add an airy dreaminess to your photos and make everyone’s skin look lovely and luminous! Plus it’ll make the makeup artists and hairstylists’ jobs much easier!

White or light neutral walls

Photo from Caroline Logan Workshop Fall 2016


Light walls with minimal distractions bounce the window light around creating a natural reflector that literally makes you and your bridesmaids look lit from within! Walls with saturated and bright colors are lovely in real life, but can add color casts to your skin and dress on camera.

Lack of clutter

Photo from Caroline Logan Workshop Fall 2016


Our eyes naturally search for focal points when looking at an image and my goal is always to make the people in the image the focal point, unless it’s a shot of your details. That’s why I always ask you and your bridesmaids to keep their belongings off to one side so we can have a clean space to work with. If you’re getting ready at home or at the venue, I might remove any distracting wall art or furniture if possible to really highlight your bridal beauty on your big day!


Local chain hotels usually aren’t the only option for getting ready! Check Airbnb for local homes or other spaces available for rent with lots of natural light and light walls. They’re probably less expensive, you’ll likely have way more space/bathrooms, and your photographer, hair and makeup artists, and bridesmaids will thank you!


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