Best of 2016

Sydney and Nick’s Wedding in Gettysburg

When Sydney and Nick told me they’d be getting married at the Lincoln Railroad in Gettysburg and having their reception at the Gettysburg Battlefield Museum and Visitor Center, I literally clapped with joy. The town is gorgeous and filled with so much rich history. Sydney and Nick have an amazing group of hilarious and uber talented friends who were an absolute blast to hang with all day.

Kimberly and Kevin’s Wedding at Heritage Hills

Kimmy and Kevin had a beautiful winter wonderland wedding back in January of 2016. They even had a snow machine during their first dance! It was truly magical! One of my favorite moments was after the anniversary dance during their reception. The longest married couple was still dancing with each other off to the side while Kimmy and Kevin joined in on the dance floor. I love the history, love, and hope in this photo. Makes me tear up every time.

Rebecca and Tom’s Wedding in Cherry Hill, NJ

After shooting Kimmy’s wedding, her sister Rebecca hired me for her wedding to Tom! These two are my kind of people. They also love their cats so much it hurts. 😉 It was so nice to work with their family and friends again and get to be a part of their joyful day. Just look at the way they look at each other. How can you not get the warm fuzzies?

Nakeesha and Kyle’s Wedding at Moonstone Manor

I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun in 100+ degree weather than on Nakeesha and Kyle’s wedding day. Their sense of style, family and friends, unique touches, and personalities were nothing short of incredible! I could go on and on about how wonderful they are as people. But just look at these two. Everything about their day was hot!!

Whitney and Bryan’s Wedding at the Harrisburg Civic Club Mansion

My goodness, this woman cannot take a bad photo. Whitney was only glancing out the window at the Saturday afternoon traffic, and yet she managed to look beautiful, poised and fierce! She and Bryan chose such a unique venue with the Harrisburg Civic Club. You can’t beat the views of the river from the ballroom!

Brittany and David’s Wedding at Sweet Water Springs Farm

I teared up so many times on Brittany and David’s wedding day that I had no mascara left that night. They got married after being together for 9 years! You could tell everyone was so excited to see them tie the knot. And David was the most dedicated groom I’ve ever seen. He helped out with everything that day from the planning, to set up, to making sure Brittany and their friends and family had everything they needed. They wanted a special “Cinderella” style shot with sparklers toward the end of their reception. With the help of my lovely sidekick, Megan, who can run like the wind – we were able to make their dreams come true.

Blaire and Josh’s Wedding at Ironstone Ranch

Blaire and Josh had their wedding at one of my favorite venues – Ironstone Ranch. I love all of the picturesque spots and adorable ceremony and reception venues. And where else can you get wedding photos with miniature donkeys and longhorns? This was hands-down the most unique portrait session of 2016!

Gloria and Nick’s Wedding at St. Vincent

Nick is my best friend from high school’s brother. I was so honored to be a part of he and Gloria’s wedding day! They got married at the magnificent St. Vincent Basilica in Latrobe, PA. And they had one heck of a surprise up their sleeves for their reception! They made their grand entrance to the Imperial March from Star Wars at their reception and had a choreographed ballroom dance for their first dance. Everyone was floored! They were flawless! I’m so thankful I was standing where I was to get this adorable shot of Nick scooping up his new wife after their dance.

Stephanie and Brad’s Wedding at the Hershey Country Club

Stephanie and Brad’s wedding was like an all-day party. Their bridal party kept everyone going all day and were so easy to work with! I didn’t even have to plan this shot. They just happened to raise their glasses at the same time to create a wonderful leading line directly to the gorgeous bride.


In another case of being in the right place at the right time, I just love this photo from Stephanie and Brad’s garter toss at their reception. You can see the moment he realized that he just missed grabbing the garter.

Katelyn and Steven’s Wedding at Masonic Village

There’s so much to love about Katelyn and Steven’s wedding day! They both looked like models, I love shooting at Masonic Village and their family and friends were so warm and loving! And that sunset tho! I’ve never seen a sunset that in all of my time on Earth. It was breathtaking! Steven was so overcome with his bride and how beautiful their day was that he just grabbed her and kissed her. Swoon!

Morgan and Jason’s Wedding at the Clarion Hotel in New Cumberland

I was not expecting mother nature to gift us with this incredible color for Morgan and Jason’s November wedding. Everywhere we looked there was an explosion of color. They suggested shooting at City Island Park in Harrisburg and it was so perfect!

Thank you so much to my incredible couples in 2016!


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